Dave Gettleman says Giants will “seriously entertain” trading down

This year’s draft is going to be very different than the ones we’ve been used to seeing in recent years and those differences could go beyond the fact that it’s going to be conducted from homes around the country.

In all of his years as the General Manager for the Panthers and Giants, Dave Gettleman has never traded down. He said in February that it was a way to “trade yourself out of a good player” when asked to explain why he’d never accepted an offer from another team.

Gettleman said at that point that he was open to trading and he stuck to that line during a Friday conference call. Gettleman said, via multiple reporters, that he will “seriously entertain” a move out of the No. 4 spot next Thursday.

With serious needs on the offensive line and all over the defense, adding to the 10 picks the team already has wouldn’t be a bad idea and there may be some good offers if teams want to move ahead of the Dolphins at No. 5 in hopes of landing a quarterback.